Cuban Haitian Program

Cuban / Haitian Resettlement Program
Clients who have sponsors in the Miami area are assisted by the Cuban Haitian Resettlement Department. The program provides orientation to newly arrived Cubans and Haitians. These clients are assisted through the process of achieving a self-sufficient life in the United States.

They are guided by resettlement staff through procedures that are essential for beginning a new life in the US, such as applying for a Social Security Card, obtaining employment, and applying for a driver’s license. Clients are also assisted with various service providers in the community, depending on their individual needs.

Cuban / Haitian Parolee Orientation Program
The Parolee Orientation Program (POP), is a joint program shared by CWS and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). POP clients come to the US either through the visa lottery or through family reunification petitions. Upon arrival, these clients receive an appointment for a cultural orientation at the CWS Miami office.

In addition to the orientation, POP clients receive assistance in filling out applications for the Employment Authorization Document and receive referrals to the refugee clinic and the Matching Grant Program.

Cuban / Haitian Processing and Out-of-State Program
The Processing and Out-of-State Program is the first to greet clients upon entering the United States as Cuban or Haitian Entrants. an initial orientation is given to the client before processing to an interview. In this initial stage, clients’ basic necessities are addressed, such as shelter, food, clothing, etc. until other arrangements are made and/or sponsorship is obtained. If a suitable sponsorship for the client is not completed at this stage, the client is provided housing at a hotel until he or she can be united with a sponsor or resettled as a free case in a CWS Cuban/Haitian affiliate site.


The Cuban Haitian Program can be Accessed at the Following Offices:

CWS Miami